|Ren|™ (renesq) wrote in kelleys_homies,

[URGENT: Evanescence]

I have a ticket to Evanescence for tonight that will go to waste unless someone takes it from me.

The Easy Way
I know you. You like Evanescence. You express an interest in going to the show. I drop off your ticket. You don't pay me back; instead, you buy me a tour shirt (size L) and give it to me the next time you see me.

The Hard Way
I don't know you or I don't like you. You express an interest in going to the show. I decide if you're worth the trouble:
•Do you like the band/will you enjoy the show?
•Can you pay me upfront for the ticket?
•Can we meet in a timely manner (before 2 PM)?
•Do you understand that this is for ONE ticket to see the band Evanescence perform at the San Jose State UNIVERSITY Event Center on Friday 13, 2004 at 7:00 PM?
•Do you understand that the ticket retails for $28.50, but due to this short notice, the ticket will sell for $20? (That's a savings of nearly $10, including the service charge.)
•Do you understand that in the event of multiple people expressing interest in this ticket, I will probably go with whoever lives the closest to me who has money to pay for the ticket upfront that I like and can pick up the ticket ASAP?

Fuck, if I like you, you might as well take it The Easy Way.

Why aren't I going?
I like Evanescence. I watch VH1 just so I can catch a glimpse of Amy Lee on the "My Immortal" video. Yeah, that means I sit through Jack Johnson and Beyonce. Anyway, I hate the idea of watching a show by myself, and of all the nights, this show had to be rescheduled as the same night as the start of DunDraCon, a gaming convention that I've been looking forward to attending. As the old saying goes, "Bros before hoes, Con before Cunts." It's not exact, and it really doesn't apply in this situation, but the sentiment is there. So please, take this ticket out of my wallet because I hate to see a good ticket go to waste.

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